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The boiler adopts an environmentally friendly combustion method - full premixed combustion, and the gas and air are precisely adjusted and premixed in advance to ensure more complete combustion.


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The boiler adopts a double-drum longitudinal "D" type arrangement structure; water, steam or steam-water mixture flows in the pipe; flame burns and flue gas flows outside the pipe, forming extremely fast steam-water.

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Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG) With over 100 years of boiler experience and more than 1,300 HRSGs installed worldwide, GE is a leading HRSG OEM. Our product portfolio includes various configurations, including GE's Once Through technology, as well as several modular construction options that deliver the degree of prefabrication that best fits your specific project requirements.

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The Importance of Boiler Water and Steam Chemistry

external pretreatment before the water enters the boiler. Dealkalizing the make-up water will reduce solids that are one of the major sources of carbon dioxide. External pretreatment methods include filtering, softening, and dealkalizing the water. 3.3.7 Utilization …

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Jul 13, 2009 · Heat Recovery Steam Generator's (HRSG's) are waste heat boilers. The steam turbine or a downstream process uses the steam. The term HRSG refers to the waste heat boiler in a Combined Cycle Power Plant. In its basic form these are bundles of water or steam carrying tubes paced in the hot gas flow path. These recover the heat from the gas to

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Our Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG) are designed in accordance with in-house technology, developed and standardized through many projects satisfactorily executed around the world with the most demanding clients. Our references cover a very wide range of sizes, from HRSG behind small gas turbines of few MW up to the largest 500 MW units

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Heat Recovery Steam Generators. From Boilers. 1. Listening to your requests, analyzing your needs, and engineering your Heat Recovery Steam Generators ( HRSG) according to your project specifications: this is CMI's credo! CMI offers boiler turnkey solutions.

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HEAT RECOVERY STEAM GENERATOR. Victory Energy's industrial sized HORIZON® Series HRSGs are well suited for CHP in a diverse number of end markets.. Systems are configured in a variety of arrangements to include diverter/by-pass stack, duct burners, CO catalyst & SCR.. Available from low capacity needs of 2,000 PPH to 200,000 PPH, (and larger capacities in our modular style units) 100 …

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Boiler Antiscalents - used to prevent scaling inside the boiler system. We offer boiler antiscalents usable in both high and low pressure boilers ; Oxygen Scavengers - used to remove dissolved oxygen from the boiler which is very corrosive at higher temperatures and pressures. This may lead to localized pitting and premature boiler tube failure or excessive feed-water leaks.

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High pressure boilers used in power stations require high purity, demineralized water to prevent corrosion. Chemenergy can provide custom boiler feed water treatment equipment that will meet the needs of discharge requirements ( SPDES ), increase equipment's overall lifespan and decrease preventative maintenance needs on equipment located downstream after pretreatment equipment.

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Steam Boiler. Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) is a boiler that utilizes heat energy of residual exhaust gases from gas turbine unit to heat water and convert it into steam, and steam is then used to drive steam turbines. In general, Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) boiler …

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Industry Leading Multiple Pressure Reheat Design I-HRSG – The solution for efficient reliable steam generation… The combined cycle plant is a popular choice to meet the world's power generation needs. The use of Indeck's Steam Generators to recover heat from gas turbine exhaust is vital for maximum performance, higher efficiency, and greater cost effectiveness.

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The Cleaver-Brooks Energy Recovery Team offers several models of Heat Recovery Boilers. State-of-the-art, customized, packaged heat-recovery steam generators that can work with several different heat sources. The Cleaver-Brooks Max-Fire® is the package that used with fuel fired turbines from 1 to 45MW.

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In any heat transfer equipment such as a boiler or Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG), the exit gas temperature determines the amount of energy recovered from the flue gas stream, which is indicative of efficiency. Hence efforts are often made to lower this temperature as much as possible taking into consideration cost effectiveness and low

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The HRSG recovers heat from the gas turbine exhaust to generate steam at temperatures up to ~650°C and pressures of 13–20 MPa. Although SC systems have been developed, heat-recovery steam generation is most commonly applied under subcritical conditions.

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A heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) is one of the major pieces of equipment in a gas turbine combined cycle power plant that boasts a high thermal efficiency and produces minimal CO 2 emissions. An HRSG is a kind of heat exchanger that recovers heat …

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Mar 27, 2013 · HRSG sirkulasi Alam (Natural Circulation) Heat Recovery Steam Generator dengan sirkulasi alam memiliki pipa-pipa pemanas yang disusun secara vertikal berjajar sepanjang HRSG. Arah aliran gas buang dari turbin gas mendatar memotong pipa-pipa pemanas secara tegak lurus. Selanjutnya gas buang keluar melalui cerobong yang dipasang pada ujung HRSG.

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An HRSG is a kind of heat exchanger that recovers heat from the exhaust gases of a gas turbine to an extreme degree. The heat is recovered in the form of steam which is served as the power source of a power-generating steam turbine. For the heat-transfer tubes of an HRSG, finned tubes with excellent heat-transfer performance are employed.

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We master both vertical and horizontal Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) technologies. Our HRSGs are particularly suitable for operation in frequent start-stop cycles. They operate in combined gas-steam, solar thermal or cogeneration cycles. They can be installed behind gas turbines of any power: from 25 MW ISO to 500+ MW ISO; of any brand